Contests and Giveaways Terms and Conditions
of Mug of Moxie

•Entrants should be at least 13 years old to enter for YA giveaways; 16 years old for adult book giveaways.
•Contests will occasionally be open to international followers as long as Book Depository ships to your country
•For giveaways sponsored by publishers and/or authors, they will be the one to ship your prizes, address of winners are forwarded to them.
•Most of the prizes are provided by me.
•Please note that some of the books included in the giveaways are pre-ordered; Mug of Moxie is not responsible for lost/damaged book after order has been placed and in transit.
•Mug of Moxie upholds privacy of individuals who enters the contest/giveaway. Information given is deleted afterwards, and will never be used for other purposes.

Please check sidebar for current contests and giveaways going on.