Monday, March 9, 2015

Upcoming Giveaway Hop

I haven't done one of these in a while!  I'm looking forward to the opportunity to make a little room on my bookshelf and give some books away. Stay tuned for the ones that will be up for grabs.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Have you heard of Serial?
A friend turned me unto this epic podcast last December. I listened to episode one and was immediately hooked. It's the story I wrapped all my Christmas presents to and cleaned my house with. I COULD NOT stop listening!
If you haven't heard of it, here's the low down-
If you are interested check it out at



It's Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.
It goes on

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Is anyone surprised by this news?
I was actually really excited to see the show revamped(bye bye Barbara) and happy to see Rosie back. The few times I did tune in, the show was filled with so many loud arguments it was hard to actually follow any topic they were talking about. There was definitely visible tension between Whoopie and Rosie. Such a disappointment!

Friday, February 6, 2015

50 shades of DISASTER!

It's like watching a train wreck!
I must confess-I've never read the books but I find this whole thing fascinating.

Friday, November 7, 2014

In the mood for a mystery?

Series- Dublin Murder Squad
Published January 2007
Publisher- Viking

Summery-In the Woods is a 2007 mystery novel by Tana French about a pair of Irish detectives and their investigation of the murder of a twelve-year-old girl.
Plot-Twenty two years prior to the novel's events, twelve year-old Adam and his two best friends failed to come home after playing in the familiar woods bordering their Irish housing estate. A search is organised and the Gardaí find Adam shivering, clawing the bark of a nearby tree, with blood on his shoes and slash marks on his back. He is unable to tell them what happened or where his friends are. They are never found and his amnesia holds to the present day. He now goes by his middle name, Rob, to avoid media attention and is a detective with the Garda Síochána's Murder Squad.
The novel circles around the murder of a twelve-year-old girl, Katy Devlin, whose case Rob and his partner Cassie Maddox are assigned to investigate. The body is found in the same woods where Rob's friends disappeared, at an archaeological dig site, and the coincidence is enough to make Rob nervous.
My thoughts- I have fallen in love with Tana French and the tales she tells. When I was working in the library a patron highly recommended her and I'm so glad I listened. The descriptions and language make it easy for the reader to submerge themselves into the story that takes place in Ireland. The characters are honest, interesting and flawed with fascinating backstories that flow easily into the mystery. I like that it's not horribly graphic, she can describe a good crime scene without gory details. 
If you are looking for a good mystery to get lost in check this one out. And if you fall in love with her storytelling you'll want to jump into the next one called The Likeness which takes the character Cassie Maddox in a whole new crazy direction.