My Review Policy

Mug of Moxie welcomes books that are Young Adult or Middle School Grade fiction and non-fiction for review.
If you are interested in me reviewing your book please contact me at the following email address :

Reviewing Policy:
Thanks for taking the time to look over my review policy.
*I read books that are young adult and middle grade fiction/non-fiction.
*Genres that I enjoy include: mystery, thriller, chick-lit, paranormal, historical fiction and romance.
*I accept finished copies and ARCs-I do prefer finished copies that enable me to donate reviewed books to my local school libraries.
*I don't accept e-books at this time.
*I can't guarantee a positive review-but will do my best to find positive aspects of the book.
*When I accept a book to review the book it's my top priority- please allow about one month for a review to be posted.
*If you have a special posting date you would like, please let me know.
*I will notify authors and publishers when a review is posted.
*In addition to book reviews I also enjoy author interviews and giveaways.

Feel free to contact me at
Tammy Dahle