Saturday, December 11, 2010


knocked out by my nunga-nungas
(confessions of Georgia Nicolson)
By Louise Rennison
183 Pages
From Back Cover:
"I was in a state of confusiosity."
Georgia Nicolson has finally landed Robbie the Sex God and life is fab. But all of a sudden Georgia's ex, Dave the Laugh, is starting to look quite dreamy. Strangely, so does just about every other guy Georgia meets, even the new French teacher. Is Georgia becoming a shameless vixen?
My Thoughts:
If I truly want a pick me up I drop into Georgia's world. Her every day observations and hilarious antics make me laugh out loud. There is no doubt that this is a girl I would hang with!
Poor Georgia! Being a teenager is tough enough with all the worry of lurking lurkers, ear snogging, nunga nunga protectors!
Her parents are still stark raving mad lunatics bent on making her life miserable.
They are dragging off to Scotland(Och Aye Land) on a family excursion. Who wants to visit a pencil factory?!
Also she is super confused by her feelings for Dave the Laugh her "Red Herring" and ex boyfriend. Although her Boyfriend Robbie, aka Sex God makes her weak in the knees, Dave the Laugh makes her...laugh?!
Angus is now in danger of having his trouser snake addendums removed because of his growing affection for next door neighbor cat, Naomi.
Nauseating P. Green is now following Georgia into the loo and naming hamsters in her honor after saving her from the clutches of the Bummer Twins.
What in the world is a girl to do? Perhaps she should just go forth and use her red bottom wisely.
I can not wait to read the further confessions of Georgia in her next book Dancing in my Nuddy Pants. Lucky for me I just snagged it from my local library.
Seriously, if you have not read this Georgia Nicholson series you are truly missing out!


  1. Maybe I'm just naive or dumb but what on earth are nunga-nungas?!?

  2. Nunga-Nungas are boobs. LOL! A nickname thought up by fourteen year old boys of course!