Saturday, February 7, 2015


Is anyone surprised by this news?
I was actually really excited to see the show revamped(bye bye Barbara) and happy to see Rosie back. The few times I did tune in, the show was filled with so many loud arguments it was hard to actually follow any topic they were talking about. There was definitely visible tension between Whoopie and Rosie. Such a disappointment!


  1. Not surprised either. I used to like Whoopie too, but I feel that it's been a bit of a power trip for her being the mediator. I would like to see Rosie get her own daytime talk show again like Ellen. I would gladly watch that over people constantly trying to talk over each other.

  2. I would like to see Rosie get her own show too. Of course it would be different than the one she had a few years ago. She has grown and evolved so much since then. But I would love to see her go in a different direction-less Hollywood and more real news and subjects.