Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Book Number Two for
the R.I.P. Book Challenge


by Suzanne Collins


Young Adult
Catching Fire is the second novel of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The story picks up where the last one left us. After Peeta and Katniss have both been crowned victors they return to District 12 to try to put their lives back together. But Katniss quickly learns that life will never be the same for her or the ones she loves. Her single act of rebellion in the games, which kept her and Peeta alive has sparked a fire in the people. Now President Snow wants revenge and plans to use Peeta and Katniss as pawns during the Hunger Games Victory Tour. But as they travel to the districts that surround the Capitol they begin to understand that the unrest is not just in District 12, the other districts are also showing signs of rebellion and turmoil.
Something big is coming and Katniss know her life will never be the same. Should she take her family and run for safety or should she stay and fight for the only chance of freedom they may ever have?
I admit I was a little worried that the sequel might not live up to The Hunger Games. It happens with movies and albums all the time-the dreaded sophomore slump. Well I'm happy to say, have no fear, no slump here! The action, intensity and emotion kicks off at page one and doesn't let go.
At the end of the book I had two reactions-despair that I'll now have to wait for the third book to find out what happens to the people I have grown to love and hate. The second was to pick up the phone and schedule a massage because the book is that intense. Loved it and I can't wait to go for another ride!!
This book is recommended for readers 14 and up due to to violence.
Salmon Public Library has this book as well as the Hunger Games.

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