Friday, January 15, 2010


On a dark and stormy night the seventh son of the seventh son is born to Sarah and Silas Heap. Sadly, the baby boy is pronounced dead by a midwife and whisked away into the night.
That very same night Silas finds an abandoned baby girl in the snow and takes her home. The Heap family raise the girl as their own along with their six sons. Life goes on as normal until Jenna turns ten. Suddenly nothing is as it seems when her real identity is revealed by an Extra Ordinary Wizard named Marcia who now must protect the future queen at all costs. With Darke Magyk and Necromancer DomDaniel hot on their heels they escape into the marshes and hide out. More Magyk ensues as a hunter, DomDaniel's apprentice and an assessin is sent after them. As the story unfolds more long hidden secrets are revealed to Jenna and her family and their future will never be the same again.
Magyk is a book filled with magic(of course) and action at every turn. There are wizards, spells, witches, boggarts and ghosts to fill your fantasy order to the brim. There are several characters with their own view points throughout the story which sets the book up for future books. The story speeds along at a quick pace which is nice because it is a lengthy book, but I never felt like the story was bogged down.
I enjoyed the story even though I'm not a huge "fantasy" fan and I personally have never read Harry Potter(Yes I know, I'm a terrible person and probably should be beaten with a wand) library patrons that have read the Septimus series have compared them to Harry Potter stories.
I recommend this book for ages 10 and up. This book is available for check out at the Salmon Public Library.

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