Thursday, March 25, 2010


by Michael Northrop
234 pages
From Inside Cover:
Micheal, Tommy, Mixer and Bones aren't just from the wrong side of the tracks-they're from the wrong side of everything. No one at their high school takes them seriously, except Mr. Haberman, their remedial English teacher. Mr. Haberman calls them "gentlemen," but everyone else ignores them-or, in Bone's case, is dead afraid of them. When one of their close- knit group goes missing, the clues all seem to point in one direction: to Mr. Haberman.
The inside cover blurb doesn't do this debut novel by Michael Northrop justice. Sure, the cover is fantastic-very eye catching. But the hook isn't there in the description.
I'm so glad I gave it a whirl after reading the great review by Bookshelves of Doom.
Author Michael Northrop did such an awesome job of capturing main character, Micheal's voice and personality from page one. His slacker, I-don't-give-a-crap attitude grated on my nerves! I found myself gritting my teeth and shaking my head in frustration by his actions. Or lack of. So here's the beauty of the book- Micheal is not a likable guy, in fact he's definitely someone I would stay clear of on the street. But I found myself still caring about him! I was cheering for him, hoping he would make good choices and just be a good kid. ARRRGGG!
Gentlemen is a nail biter for sure. Some really good twists and turns. The story builds and builds and then wow.
I would recommend this story for readers 15 and up due to language, violence and sexual content.

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