Monday, March 29, 2010


Where did the weekend go?

After a few days of furious spring cleaning I can claim that every closet in my house has been de-junked and reorganized, windows are washed, and house is no longer under inches of winter dust! I feel victorious although children are still glaring at me and whispering among themselves that I failed to follow child labor laws.

So now it is Monday and it's time to ask my fellow bloggers.....What are you reading? Sheila over at One persons journey through a world of books hosts this meme. It's a great one that gives all of us a chance to check in on our fellow friends and see what they have lined up for the week. Also Shelia is always having awesome giveaways and contests so you should go check in out and join the fun!

This past week I read:

Gentlemen by Michael Northrop(reviewed)

What Happened to Cass McBride?(will be reviewed this week)

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker(will be reviewed this week)

Boy, Girls & Other Hazardous Materials by Rosalind Wiseman(will be reviewed this week)

Plan to read this week:

Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

Repossessed by A.M Jenkins

I need to finish up Alice and Wonderland and Philosophy -edited by Richard Brian Davis

I don't know how much reading I'll get done this week. It's spring break for my kids and I have some rooms to paint and a garage to clean.

So what are your plans for the week?


  1. I'm desperately trying to finish off Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind. I've hit a real reading slump lately. I just finished Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell last night. It was a fun, quick read. I'm hoping that will break me out of this craziness! As for plans, I'm going to try hard to walk my dogs separately this week so that I can get some good exercise. I feel so much better when I do four mile walks instead of two mile walks!

  2. Wow dejunked closet, windows washed and four books read, I'd say you got quite a lot accomplished. Hope this week goes as well as last.

  3. Wow you had a brilliant week! I too have Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy. I need to get started on that one. Happy reading this week. My Monday:

  4. If you have any energy left do you want to come and do my house as well? :)

    I have been running like crazy and boy my house shows it.

    Enjoy your week of great reads!

  5. Don't you just love Spring Break? It sounds nice, but I'm not so sure, maybe just because you can get a bunch done around the house. But it's never been all that relaxing for me. Hopefully you can dig into a couple of books while doing all that cleaning!

    Have a fabulous reading week!

  6. I hope to read Girl in the Arena too. I look forward to your review of Boys, Girls, and Other Hazardous Materials. Enjoy your reading and spring cleaning :)

  7. You had a good link up I hope you enjoy your week...

    Good luck on the painting!

  8. I need some motivation to clean closets.. Nah, I'd rather read.

  9. Wow - you got a ton done this week, both reading and otherwise! I wish I had that kind of energy!

    Good luck this week :)