Thursday, January 27, 2011


By Dyan Sheldon
298 Pages
From Back Cover:
"The way I saw it when I was in high school, even though there were still millions of different life-forms left on the planet, there were basically only two kinds of girls: Those Girls and everyone else."
In the case of Savanna and Gracie, friendship isn't based on reason but on the notion that opposites attract. Savanna is a head-turning, attention-seeking, accessorized one of "Those Girls," while Gracie's love of old movies and commitment to protecting the environment put her into the "everyone else" category. It seems as if nothing could come between them until Savanna's lies and dependence on Gracie as a false alibi start to take a toll on their relationship. When Savanna gets between Gracie and her crush, the line separating best friend from worst friend has been crossed.
My Thoughts:
A big thank you to Candlewick Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review this ARC. I plan to pass this book along in a giveaway next month.
Now on to the review-
Unfortunately this book was a huge disappointment for me. I absolutely loved the cover. I thought it was cute and clever and I probably would have bought it in a book store solely based on that.
Now I know that opposites attract in love but I've never really seen it work with best friends. Birds of a feather tend to flock together-especially with girls. I guess that's why I had such a tough time buying the friendship between Gracie and Savannah. Gracie is a nice person inside and out. Honesty is important to her, she values the relationships she has and she will do anything for the environment. Savannah on the other hand is SELFISH, conceited and mean to most people. I spent most of the book trying to wrap my mind around why in the world these two girls had anything to do with each other.
I have never read Teenage Confessions of a Drama Queen but author Dyan Sheldon had such raving reviews for that book I'm going to have to give her another shot. This book just didn't hit the spot for me. I wanted to stuff an old gym sock in Savannah's mouth and give Gracie a slap to the forehead.

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