Thursday, March 31, 2011



By Blake Nelson


Pages 310

From Inside Cover:

Madeline has a drinking problem and anger issues, so she's sent away to Spring Meadows, a rehab center in a row of rehab centers known as Recovery Road. On a weekly movie night in town she meets Stewart, who's dealing with demons of his own. It's an intense time, and the two of them come together intensely.

When Madeline gets out of rehab, she tries to get back on her feet, and waits for Stewart to join her. When he does though, it's not the ideal reunion that Madeline has dreamed of. Both of them still have serious problems. And love seems more like a question than an answer.

My Thoughts:

Once a while a book comes along, grabs you hard and shakes you up a little. The story of Maddie and her recovery is honest, harsh and heartbreaking. Recovery Road takes place over three years and is a rollar coaster of emotions. The story begins when she is most of the way through a rehab program and in a halfway house.

Maddie's life is a mess. But she gets the chance to make some changes that come with staying clean and sober. Enter Stewart, quiet and attractive-also a recovering addict. He comes along at the worst possible time and when Maddie least expects it she falls in love.

I found Maddie so easy to connect with and root for. She wasn't always likable which made her all the more real to me. Maddie has some tough choices to make. And staying sober isn't easy. The high school party scene and old friends are strong temptations.

Author Blake Nelson pulls no punches with the reality of drug and alcohol abuse. And takes a brutal look at the power of choices and the paths it can take you down.

I think this is a book that every high school and public library should have on their shelves. I would recommend this book for older teens due to the sexual content and the mature subjects it deals with. This would also be a great book for parents to read and discuss with your teens.

I appreciate Good Golly Miss Holly and her ARC Tours for giving me the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.

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