Monday, September 12, 2011


By Joelle Anthony
From Inside Cover:
Sixteen year old Molly McClure has only ever known a life where she grow her own food, depends on solar panels for electricity, and relies on horse drawn wagons and bicycles for transportation. Since the Collapse of 2031, her family has fared better than most, thriving on their isolated farming island in Canada-but Molly knows worldwide devastation lurks just beyond the shores of her home. And when calamities strike all at once, Molly is forced to leave the comfort of the island for the very first time, embarking on an impossible rescue mission in the U.S.
The year is 2041. The oil as almost run out, poverty and crime are rampant, and food is in short supply. Armed with only her ingenuity and sheer farming know how, Molly braves a chaotic world where people are hungry and desperate, and no one is as they seem. But if she ever hopes to get home alive she'll have to make some tough, fast choices about whom to trust, especially after a crime organization sets their sights on Molly. Her only way out may be to beat them at their own game. Luckily, there's a handsome stranger who's willing to help. 

My Thoughts:
Author Joelle Anthony has created a different dystopian novel. Main character, Molly is not from a dark, bleak, and hopeless world. In fact, she lives a pretty good life on a tiny Canadian Island with her family that has created an independent, thriving community. The year is 2041 and unfortunately the rest of the world hasn't fared as well. Oil is almost a thing of the past and crime rules the streets. People have to fight for food, fuel and medicine.
Molly is forced to leave the security of the island and her family and travel to the United States to rescue her grandparents. Due to circumstances the responsibility falls on her young shoulders. This desolate, crime ridden world is new and frightening to Molly who to this point has lived a very sheltered life. Luckily she is a strong, determined girl set on finding her grandparents and returning home to the place she loves.
This book is part dystopian and adventure with a pinch of romance thrown in. Restoring Harmony is a great story that will have you rooting for Molly from start to finish. A very enjoyable read.
I will be donating this book to my local Middle School Library. 


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  2. This sounds like it has a neat twist, since Molly hasn't had a gritty childhood, and I love a teensy bit of romance thrown in for good measure.