Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The blogging world has been rocked.
I'm still sitting here shocked-obviously!
In the past there has been an occasional dust up-catty comments exchanged-sometimes memorable but most times not. As big as the book blogging world as gotten it's still pretty small.
This time the accusation is big-no it's huge. It involves a book blogger that has always been someone that I refer back to time and time again when I've wanted to better my blog-increase my viewership, and find publishers that would be willing to mail me their ARCs. She has been my book blogging guru. Her ideas have inspired me and given me the standard bar I try to reach for.
The accusation is plagiarism-taking someone else ideas or words and using them as your own. In the blogging world where we strive to make our ideas and reviews original, plagiarism makes us stand back and shake our heads in disbelief and shock. When that wears off we become angry-much like a swarm of bees. We look for the hows and the whys.
By now we know that the book blogger stand accused of this ugly accusation is Kristi The Book Siren. Last night her apology and explanation was posted on her blog and then on facebook.
While I very much understand what she's been accused of(in step by step detail) her explanation feels empty. As one of her biggest fans and followers I'm left with more questions than answers by her post. I hope that she steps up and offers us-fellow bloggers and followers the real story-Kristi you at least owe us that.

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