Saturday, June 8, 2013


48 Hour Book Challenge-Day 2
It took me all day to get through this heartrenching book-
Code Name Verity by Elizebeth Wein.
Just when I didn't think my heart could go any further my mind had to know what would happen next. I finally finished it tonite.
343 pages took me 3 1/2 to read because I just had to put it down and walk away at times. Wow!
I'm so glad it's done-I need a message!
I will be posting my reviews on all the books I have read this weekend through the next week. I'm going to need a few days to wrap my mind around this one.


  1. Code Name Verity -- brave choice for the challenge! I find myself reaching for books I know won't break my heart.

  2. It's pretty mind-blowing, right? And, sit down for this, there's a companion book to it coming out in September called Rose Under Fire.

  3. That book gave me PTSD. I still think about it. Sniffle.