Thursday, April 2, 2009


Being a fan of Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli I thought Schooled by Gordon Korman would be a good read. I was not disappointed.
Capricorn Anderson might as well be from a different planet. He was raised on a hippie commune out in the middle of no where. His grandmother Rain has always taken care of him and his needs. He has never seen television, had friends his age, eaten pizza or talked on a cell phone.
Life is simple until an accident lands his grandmother in the hospital and Cap in a foster home.
Suddenly Cap is forced into the cruel hard world of public school where he instantly becomes an outcast because of his long hair, hemp clothes and lack of social skills.
Cap's reaction to the situation is not what you expect.
The story is told from the view point of several people that come into contact with Cap. The foster mother, the principal, the popular kid and the class nerd.
I found Cap endearing but sometimes a little pathetic. The story very entertaining and really easy to read.
I reccomend this book for readers 12 and up. I think both boys and girls would enjoy it.
Good Read! This book is available at the Salmon Public Library.

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