Thursday, April 2, 2009


"Some friends fade away.....Other's disappear"
That quote appears on the cover and immediately pulled me in. Who doesn't love a good mystery?
Shift by Jennifer Bradbury is a page turner that's hard to put down.
Win and Chris have been best friends since elementary school. As graduation nears they decide to embark on one last great adventure before heading off to seperate colleges. A cross country bike trek from West Virginia to Seattle, Washington.
The story is told from Chris's point of view one month after the bike trip. He is now at college and the FBI is questioning him about the disappearance of Win.
The bike trip is told in flashbacks as Chris trys to figure out what exactly happened to his best friend and their friendship along the way.
I love the way to story unfolded. Chris and Win have a complex relationship. At times I wasn't even sure I would call it an actual friendship. Sometimes your best friends really are your worst enemies.
Great book! I would reccomended it for readers 13 and up.
Our library does not carry this book but I would be happy to get it for you through InterLibrary Loan.

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