Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

This is book number 2 that I have read for MotherReader's 48 hour book challenge. A little bit longer than my last book but not by much-230 pages long. It's a quick easy read that I think both girls and boys would enjoy.
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by is by Sherman Alexie. It's the story of Junior who is an Indian living on a Spokane, Washington Indian reservation. He was born with a condition called water on the brain. Although he has a variety of medical conditions he is an exceptional artist who loves to draw cartoons. His cartoons help him deal with the many situations he finds himself in. He is a constant target for bullies, the love/hate relationship he has with his best friend Rowdy, and his sad home life. His parents try to provide for him but have major problems of their own. A major one being the fact that his dad is an alcoholic with a gambling problem that tends to disappear for days on end.
Junior is determined to change his future by getting off the rez. His first step in this direction requires him to leave his school and best friend and attend an all white school 22 miles away.
This decision has major consequences for Junior, his family and his best friend.
The best thing about this book is it's ability to make you fill like your riding an emotional roller coaster. From one page to the next I wasn't sure if I would be laughing or crying.
One minute it's humor and wit, the next it's tragic and sad.
This story is filled with heart. I fell in love with Junior.
I would recommend this book for readers 14 and up due to language and sexual situations.
This book is available to check out at the Salmon Public Library.

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