Thursday, February 11, 2010


By Mary E. Pearson
265 Pages

Seventeen year old Jenna Fox awakens after spending a year in a coma. After surviving a horrific accident it's been called a miracle recovery. Jenna has absolutely no memory-she remembers nothing. Not her parents, her friends or the accident that took a year of her life.
She asks herself "Why can I remember details of the French Revolution but can't remember if I ever had a best friend?"
As small bits and pieces start to come back her parents caution her to tell no one who she is or where she 's from. Jenna is certain important information is being kept from her as she digs deeper to recall her past. But as she gets closer to the truth the people she loves and trust seem to want to keep certain things secret. Are they protecting her or betraying her?
Page 7
On the fifth day, when I walked out onto the veranda without stumbling, Mother cried and said, "It's a miracle. An absolute miracle."
"Her gait is still not natural. Can't you see that?" Lily said.
Mother didn't answer.
On the eighth day Father had to return to work in Boston. He and Mother whispered, but I still heard. Risky...have to get'll be fine. Before he left he cupped my face in both of his hands. "Little by little, Angel, " he said. "Be patient. Everything will come back over time all the connections will be made." I think my gait is normal now. My memory is not. I don't remember my mother, my father, or Lily. I don't remember that I once lived in Boston. I don't remember the accident. I don't remember Jenna Fox.
Father says it will come in time. "Time heals," he says.
I don't tell him that I don't know what time is.

What a page turner! This book had me staying up too late reading into the night forcing me to go to work blurry eyed. I couldn't put it down! The story was a perfect blend of mystery, suspense and science fiction. I felt an emotional connection to Jenna but also her parents. The twists and turns had me intrigued the whole way through. I loved it! I recommend this book from ages 12 and up. I bought it used from and I'll be donating to the Salmon Public Library.

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