Thursday, June 17, 2010


In Big Blog News today........
Miley Cyrus to play Janie???
It's always exciting when a great YA book is made into a movie-unless of course, the lead role is going to be played by someone you can't possibly imagine being cast as the main character.
Kristen Stewart comes to mind....(did I just say that out loud?)
Lisa McMann author of the Wake trilogy, has just confirmed on her blog that the rumors of a Wake movie coming soon to a theater near you is becoming a reality with Paramount and MTV Films picking up the film rights.
So we all wait with fingers crossed that Miley Cyrus doesn't disappoint and Wake is the great movie that it should be.


  1. I know, I am so excited (I just saw it on her blog as well) But Miley Cyrus just doesn't work for me as Janie. But no matter who plays the characters-I'm going to be there!

  2. Oh no! This is too awesome of a book to be tainted by Miley Cyrus! I just can't see it... :(

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