Wednesday, August 11, 2010


By Amy Efaw
350 Pages
Good Reads Description:
An infant left in the trash to die. A teenage mother who never knew she was pregnant... Before that morning, these were the words most often used to describe straight-A student and star soccer player Devon Davenport: responsible, hardworking, mature. But all that changes when the police find Devon home sick from school as they investigate the case of an abandoned baby. Soon the connection is made — Devon has just given birth; the baby in the trash is hers. After that morning, there’s only one way to define Devon: attempted murderer.
My Thoughts:
Sometimes it's so hard to describe a book and do it justice. This is a book that I struggle with for the right words.
I found this book both heartbreaking and fascinating. This story is ripped from the headlines and given a name and face. Page after page I questioned Devon's motive-I struggled to understand the reasons behind her choices. It was honest and harsh. I was surprised that I felt compassion and understanding towards Devon who committed a horrific crime-because I really didn't want to feel any thing warm or fuzzy towards Devon. Kudos to Amy Efaw who tells an amazing story. I can't wait to read more from her.
Heads up on an awesome book cover-I was quite a few chapters in before I noticed the reflection of the girl.
I would recommend this story to reader 14 and up due to graphic content. I borrowed this book through our Public Library's Inter Library Loan System.


  1. Not usually something I would pick up, but after reading the synopsis and your review I think I might have to check out if the library has a copy.

    Great review! :)

  2. I've been tossing and turning over this book. And THIS review right here sealed the deal :-)

    Have a Fab day.. Your new follower,
    -Stacey @ Flippin' Fabulous- A Reader's Record