Saturday, August 14, 2010


By Meg Cabot
451 Pages

From Inside Cover:
Sick of hearing about vampire? So is Meena Harper.
But her bosses are making her write about them anyway, even though Meena doesn't believe in them.
Not that Meena isn't familiar with the super natural. See, Meena Harper knows how you're going to die.(Not that you're going to believe her. No one ever does.)
But not even Meena's precognition can prepare her for what happens when she meets-then makes the mistake of falling in love with-Lucien Antonescu, a modern-day prince with a bit of a dark side. It's a dark side a lot of people, like an ancient society of vampire hunters, would prefer to see him dead for.
The problem is, Lucien's already dead. Maybe that's why he's the first guy Meena's ever met whom she could see herself having a future with. See, while Meena's always been able to see everyone else's future, shes never been able to look into her own.
And while Lucien seems like everything Meena has ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, he might also turn out to be more like a nightmare.
Now might be a good time for Meena to start learning to predict her own future.....
If she even has one.
My Thoughts:
Try not to gasp in shock and shake your head in the disapproving manner I'm sensing when I admit this-young adult is my favorite genre and it's what I devote my blog to- yet this is my first Meg Cabot book......PUT DOWN THE ROCKS! I know! I'm ashamed of myself too! But all that is behind me. I have done the deed, read the book and here it is- Meg Cabot is dipping a toe into the vampire pool-It's a hot subject right now, you can hardly blame her.
It took me a while to warm up to Meena. Sometimes I felt that she was trying really hard to be this strong independent New York woman and other times she seemed like a big push over. Not only in the work place where her nemesis has been taking credit for all of her ideas and story lines but also in her own home where her sponge of a brother is living while currently unemployed.
Then along comes Lucien- a man who seems to be everything she's been looking for in a man. He's perfect! After a hot steamy night of passion he cooks breakfast, draws a bath and walks the dog. Please! You had me at breakfast!
Of course Lucien is hiding a deep dark secret-He is the Prince of Darkness. But wait a minute-Meena has a secret of her own and once that little tid bit leaks out she goes straight to the top of the vampires' Most Wanted List-and there are a lot of them hanging about in the most unusual spots.
All in all I liked Insatiable. I would probably check out the sequel just to see what direction the story takes. I think Meena could grow on me-but honestly I would like to see where some of the supporting characters end up.
I do plan on checking out another series that Meg Cabot writes-The Princess Diaries. I have the first book in my TBR pile and plan to read it in the near future.
Insatiable is available for check out at the Salmon Public Library. It will be found in the Adult Fiction Section. I recommend it for readers 14 and up for sexual content and violence.


  1. Nice review! I liked this one but I did have issues with Meena and her relationship with Lucien. I kind of preferred Alaric as a character over Lucien :)

    I think I attempted to read The Princess Diaries a few years ago after watching the movie but didn't finish it. I did like All American Girl but I don't remember reading any of her other YA books. I have read some of Cabot's books for adults and I think I prefer those.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this- it's next on my TBR pile.

    AND if you like YA books, you MUST read Princess Diaries- all 10ish of them. Seriously. Mia grows so much as a character- it's excellent. PLUS Mia "writes" a book you can actually check out at the library- Ransom My Heart (I think) which is pretty hilarious.