Tuesday, October 5, 2010

100+ Reading Challenge

So it's the beginning of October and time to take stock. I decided to challenge myself in 2010 and join the 100+ Book Challenge hosted by Home Girl's Book Blog. I read all the time(it's my kind of therapy)so I really didn't thing that reading 100 books in one year would be too tough...Yeah right! Unfortunately life doesn't slow down because I want(need) to read! So far I have read 53 books since January and posted reviews on each and everyone. My pat on the back is turning into a panic attack about right now. I only have less than three months to go! I'm running out of time people! I'm not gonna lie....I'm half tempted to pick up some Junie B. Jones and Goose Bumps. If it's a book that size I may reach my goal....notice the "may" in that statement.

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