Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've been doing a little housekeeping this weekend and decided to weed through some of the blogs I've been following this year. After much hair pulling and anxiety I stopped following about twenty-the main reason was the lack of posting for the past four or five months. That brings my number to 179-obviously I'm afraid I might miss out on something!
A question for all you bloggers out there.....
How do you decide to become a follower of a blog?
And what are the reasons you stop following a blog?


  1. I choose to follow a blog mainly because the blogger is reading and reviewing the kinds of books I like to read. I stop following a blog if they stop doing that or stop posting.

    I really need to go through my reader and weed out those that have stopped posting. Of course, if they aren't posting, they aren't adding to the number of posts I need to catch up on. But clearing out the inactive blogs makes the number I follow seem more reasonable. I'm currently following 602.

  2. I choose to follow a blog pretty easily mostly from reading meme contributers, mentions by bloggers I already follow or by reading the comments (in that order). That is, if they read YA and/ or children's books.

    I stop reading if I note that their taste in books doesn't really jibe with mine or if their posts are poorly written.



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