Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been doing a little housekeeping this weekend and decided to weed through some of the blogs I've been following this year. After much hair pulling and anxiety I stopped following about twenty-the main reason was the lack of posting for the past four or five months. That brings my number to 179-obviously I'm afraid I might miss out on something!
A question for all you bloggers out there.....
How do you decide to become a follower of a blog?
And what are the reasons you stop following a blog?


  1. At first I started only following YA book blogs since that's the genre I read/review/write. But then I started branching out because I do enjoy a good non-YA fiction title. So as long as the content is good and interesting, I follow the blog, especially if they're following me. I stop following a blog if the content goes in a direction I don't find interesting or if there's a severe lack of activity, but the latter is rare because I know life gets in the way sometimes.

  2. I've done the exact same things as you - went through and got rid of a bunch of blogs that seemed to be dead or at least on an extended and unannounced/unexplained hiatus. But then, I found that didn't really help my Goggle Reader much! I had the same number of blog posts to read eah day ! :) oops. Not the best solution to having too many to follow.

  3. I stop following if a blog tends to do mostly memes, or if I don't like the material they review (consistently, of course). I also will pay attention to writing style. I will follow if I like the writing, if they have a good selection of books, and/or if I know them through Twitter and other social networks. I tend to follow mostly YA and children's, but like DJ I won't discriminate based solely on that.