Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review-The Comet's Curse


A Galahad Book
By Dom Testa
Pages 224
From Back Cover:
When the tail of the comet Bhaktul flicks through Earth's atmosphere, deadly particles are left in its wake. Suddenly mankind is confronted with a virus that devastates the adult population. Only those under the age of eighteen seem to be immune. Desperate to save humanity, a renowned scientist proposes a bold plan: to create a ship that will carry a crew of 251 teenagers to a home in a distant solar system. Two years later, the Galahad and its crew-none over the age of sixteen-is launched.
Two years of training have prepared the crew for the challenges of space travel. But soon after departing from Earth, they discover that a saboteur is hiding on the Galahad! Faced with escalating acts of vandalism and terrorized by threatening messages, sixteen-year-old Triana Martell and her council soon realize that the stowaway will do anything to ensure that the Galahad never reaches its destination. The teens must find a way to neutralize their enemy. For if their mission fails, it will mean the end of the human race.
My thoughts:
This science fiction thriller is set 200 years into the future. A comet has swept by Earth leaving deadly particles behind that are killing adults. Mankind's future lays in the hands of 251 teenagers that have agreed to man a space shuttle and travel to the great unknown. What a premise!
The Comet's Curse is the first book in a planned six part series. The story wastes no time introducing us to a cast of characters we are sure to hear more about in books to follow. The constant shifts of viewpoints from the crew as well as the scientists in charge of the project keep the story interesting and fresh.
My favorite character in this story was actually the computer on board of the Galahad named Roc. His sense of humor and opinions added some lightness to the suspense. I believe his character will continue to develop in upcoming stories and it will be interesting to see what role he plays in the lives of the 251 teenage crew members.
Would I recommend this story to a friend:
Absolutely! I think this book would be very popular to both boys and girls in a middle school library as well as older kids. A good clean read.
Where did I get this book:
I bought it used on I will definitly be looking for the book next in the series called The Web of Titan. I will be giving this book away along with other ARCs I've been sent. Look for that giveaway coming up.

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