Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Challenge Update

Comment Challenge Stats

So here is another update on the 2012 Challenge Comment so. I started a little bit late so I've been playing catch up. This week I had the opportunity to visit 20 different blogs! Yeah! I think I might be forming a habit here-which of course is the point!
Foodie Bibliophile
Bookworm Lisa
On the Alberta/Montana Border
Minding Spot
Babs Book Bistro
Inside BJ's Head
Books for Company
Page Turner's Blog
Uniquely Moi Books
Stories and Sweeties
Nikki's Starbuck's Reviews
The Wormhole
Tiffany Reads
Babies, Books and Signs
Truly Bookish
Working for the Mandroid
Mama NY
Getting Your Reading On
Stacy S. Jensen
Joanna Marple

Thank you to Mother Reader and Lee Wind for hosting this challenge.
I'll do another update on Wednesday.

1 comment:

  1. Continuing on my post-Comment Challenge journey, I landed on your blog page. I enjoyed the thorough review of Smith's book Antiquitas Lost. Although I don't typically read in that genre, the review pulled me in. Glad I found you.

    Then, I noticed your Comment Challenge summary blog. Good for you. I wish I had been as systematic in recording the blogs I had visited. I just check them off the list as I went along to try and not repeat until I had finished the list. I'm still not done yet but am getting close.