Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Comment Challenge Update

Comment Challenge Stats
So here is my update on the 2012 Challenge Comment so far. I started a little bit late so I've been making at least 10 comments a day and gone to 30 different blogs! Yeah! I've made the effort to visit anyone who has made a comment on my blog, people that are participating in the 2012 Comment Challenge and Mug of Moxie's Followers. I'm so glad I joined this Challenge. It's easy to get stuck in a bubble-even in the blogging world. But we all love it when people come to our blogs-comment, leave feed back, and follow. We all work hard on the reviews and topics. It's nice to be recognized.
So thank you to Mother Reader and Lee Wind for hosting this challenge. It's not to late to join!
I'll do another update next Wednesday.
Mother Reader
There's A Book
Proper Noun Blog
So Tomorrow
Reading With Tequila
Down The Rabbit Hole
The Book Vixen
She Is Too Fond Of Books
Redheaded Stepchild
Carol A. Bender
Russ Cox
Badass Bookie
The Broke And The Bookish
Curling Up By The Fire
Coffee And Cliffhangers
Steph Su Reads
I Read Banned Books
Bookie Woogie
Monster Goldfish
Sprout's Book Shelf
A Mother A Daughter And 100 Books
Library Chicken
The Happy Nappy Bookseller
Children's Lit Cross Roads
It's Like A Whirlwind Inside Of My Head
One A Day YA
A Blog About Nothing
A Casual Reader's Blog
A Foodie Bibliophile In Wanderlust


  1. What a good idea to keep track of the blogs you commented on! I will try to remember to do that for the second week of the challenge. And good for you for getting to so many blogs in just three days!

  2. I always enjoy the Comment Challenge, but I'm really have fun this year, discovering lots of new blogs. I don't usually keep track, but I'm trying to this year.

  3. I am impressed with how ordered you are. I started of in a systematic way, but then started to respond to people who had left comments on my blog and it all became more haphazard; I will get to all in the three weeks though, as I am well on target.

    I love your blog title :)

  4. It's a great thing to do. I try and comment on the blog of everyone who comments on mine and just comment in general on blogs I visit.

  5. Well, I just arrived at your blog because I want to start being better at responding with a comment for a comment--my own "Comment Challenge" for 2012. But you are VERY organized about this! :D

  6. Like Joanna, I'm impressed with your order. Some blogs in the challege are already on my reading list, so I've been skipping around. I've found several new blogs to follow.

  7. Great job with the Comment Challenge! I've been going through all the blogs on the list, so I'm keeping track with that list and my own quick notes on paper. It's been fun getting out and finding new-to-me blogs this year. Thanks for playing!