Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1- 15 Book Related Confessions

April at Good Books and Good Wine has a super fun challenge going on:
15 Day Book Blogger Challenge
 I decided to join today. For more information go to her blog.

So this is:
Day 1
Make 15 Book Related Confessions-

1. I put people that say "I don't like to read" in my "probably won't be my friend" category.
    I just don't get it-I probably never will.
2. Page folders disgust me. Use a bookmark for God's sake!
3. I hardly loan a book out. If it comes back to me in bad condition I will probably break up with you forever.
4. I hate it when someone utter the words-"I don't need to read that book, I'll just see the movie." Seriously?! These people should be flogged in public.
5. In the case of a zombie apocalypse I will take shelter in a bookstore, barricade myself in and die a happy death.
6. I have an e-reader but prefer the hardbound book any day of the week
7. I think that the best therapy for me is escaping the world with a good book. I have no doubt that books have saved a great many stupid people in my life.
8. I would like to punch people in the face that check out a library book and smoke while they read it.
9. The two genres I don't really care for are science fiction and romance.
10. Two authors that take up an ungodly amount of space on library shelves are Danielle Steel and James Patterson.
11. I just barely read the first Harry Potter book about two months ago.
12. I didn't care for the Twilight series.
13. I can wander around a bookstore or library for hours-time stops.
14. I have never read a book more than once. I don't understand why people want to the same book over and over when there's so many books that need/should/have be read.
15. The number of TBR books on my shelf right now numbers about 56.


  1. #5 is a great idea! I'll need to keep that in mind for when the zombies take over.

    But I can't agree with you on #14 - I love to re-read books. They bring me just as much happiness the second, third and fourth time around. It's like putting on a worn pair of jammies: nice and comfy.

  2. Ugh! Yes to #4. I do #13 too! My TBR list is somewhere around 200....Great list!

  3. Agree wholeheartedly about #4 & #5. #14 though, I hope you find a series one day that stays with you to the point that you have to revisit it just to be a part of that world again. There's really nothing like it.

  4. Word, if you take a library book out and smoke while reading it you should be punched in the face, I totally agree. Like, I do not want to smell someone's disgusting smoke book.

    LOL about Danielle Steel and James Patterson, I agree they do take up way too much library space -- also too much library book sale space.

    ALSO! Number one, that is so, so true!