Friday, June 10, 2011

Review-Shattering Glass

By Gail Giles
224 pages
Summary taken from inside cover:
When Rob, the charismatic leader of the senior class, decides to turn the sniveling class nerd into Prince Charming, his cruel challenge leads to violence and death.
My thoughts:
This story is a fast furious ride. Make sure your seat belt is fastened because it's one hair pin turn after another.I finished it at 2am because I couldn't put it down.
What I liked about the book:
This is the first line on the first page.
"Simon Glass was easy to hate. I never knew exactly why, there was too much to pick from. I guess, really, we each hated him for a different reason, but we didn't realize it until the day we killed him".
With an opener like that you know it's going to be an intense story. And it doesn't disappoint.
Also I liked the quotes given from teachers, parents, classmates and cops at the beginning of each chapter. Their point of views offered gave added suspense and insight into an already disturbing story.
What I disliked about book:
Nothing. I thought it was amazing. Read it immediately!
Author's Insight:
Gail Giles tells the following story. "As a substitute teacher, twenty five years ago, I overheard three popular girls telling a nerd he was "coming along" but would need a "seminar". They had gotten to know him in class and had decided he was too nice and smart to continue being an outsider. "Seminar" meant a trip to the mall to get his hair styled and do some clothes shopping.
That started me thinking. What if one of the girls had a darker agenda? What if the nerd had to be sacrificed in order for someone else to get power? Why would someone need power so badly? Shattering Glass grew out of these questions."
Would I recommend this book to friends:
My son actually recommended this book to me. He read it for book report.
He couldn't put it down and upon finishing it asked me to find more books by Gail Giles. If you knew how much my son hates to read you too would believe in Christmas miracles in June!

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  1. I've never heard of this one, but your review has intrigued me. I think I may have to add it to the TBR list... as if it's not long enough! ;)